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A Bit About Dales Pony

The Dales pony is a rare breed, native to the Pennine Hills of Northern England. Their good knee and hock action, combined with excellent endurance, and the ability to keep this action from rising through their back, all allows for a smooth ride making them quite adept for packing through rough terrain.  

The Second World War nearly left the breed extinct.  Their shining qualities made them the preferred mount for the soldiers and their equipment, or for pulling guns.  Ponies were taken by the Army, the mares were used for breeding banners, or sold for work in towns.  Few ever returned to the Northern farms, and after the war, their fate lay in the hands of a few breeders who refused to let the breed die.  Careful work over the last 70 years has increased their numbers, and the society now registers approximately 100 foals per year.

Today, the ponies demonstrate all the qualities and abilities for which they were famous in the past, and transfer their courage, strength, smooth riding action, calm and intelligent nature, into first-class riding and driving ponies and make them true all-rounders!

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