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2022 Inutero Foal: Available

Sparket Classy Lassy x Malhamdale Apocalypto

Expected: June 2022

This foal is sure to be a knock out. Both parents have the classic well put together and stocky Dales pony build. Their athleticism is evident with their floating trot, eye catching for any show ring or out on the trails.

 ***Special Inutero Price $9500***

Pictured Above: Malhamdale Apocalypto

Pictured Above: Sparket Classy Lassy

Pictured Above: Envoy De Kingmaker

Pictured Above: Ocaladale Cracker

2022 Inutero Foal: Reserved
Ocaladale Cracker x Envoy De Kingmaker

Expected: July 2022

We are excited to announce this pregnancy. Full sibling to the 2020 and 2021 colts. If these siblings are any indicator of the high quality to expect this foal is sure to turn heads wherever you go. This foal is destined to be well built and possess a stellar personality.

*** Reserved***

2022 Inutero Foal: Available

Hett Sansa x Hett Tudor King

Expected: April 2022

New bloodline alert! This foal is a great opportunity for a Dales enthusiast to own a rare bloodline to USA based Dales. This foal was imported inutero and will be impressive. Mother is a register section A bay and sire is a registered section A grey.

***Special Inutero Price $9500*** 

Pictured Above: Hett Tudor King

Pictured Above: Hett Sansa

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